How Scent Affects Our Mood, Emotions, and Behavior

We observe and connect with the world around us by using our five senses. The sense of smell is underappreciated and often ignored when discussing our essential faculties. We thought it would be a good idea to strike up a candle conversation and share our thoughts about how the power of a pleasant scent can drift into our homes, affect our moods, emotions and ultimately alter our behavior. So, let’s dive into how the combination of fragrance and flames can significantly enhance the atmosphere, and create a space of comfort in our homes. 

For centuries, candles have been used in sacred ceremonies to bring a peaceful ambiance into a space. During colonial times, a lit candle was placed in the window to signify safety and good news to weary travelers.  Fast forward to the 21st century,  and in the past two years, candles have made their presence in just about every household in America. Why? Because we are all practicing wellness. 

It’s no secret a candle’s flame helps to soothe our souls. The illuminating light helps us calm down, relax, and feel at ease after a trying and stressful day.  Some of the benefits of feeling more relaxed include more energy, better sleep, and a positive attitude. The scent of a candle can help boost our mood and lift our spirits. We recommend burning a candle for at least two hours to help everyone in the house feel relaxed… including our precious pets. Island Reverie, Sweet Taboo, or Sixty-Seventh Place are suitable for burning when relaxing is your main goal. 

When romance is lingering in the air it’s hard to imagine an atmosphere without the intimate glow from the swaying flame. Candlelight radiates messages of romance and symbolizes the commitment of love between two people.  Nzuri Rose,  Rendezvous, Sweet Taboo, and Sixty-Seventh Place will lend an air of mystery and intrigue to the room.

Nzuri Rose is the perfect candle to burn when you need to tap into your strength and remind yourself of how worthy you are of all blessings. It’s also the ideal candle to gift your girlfriend, companion, or any woman who has had a positive influence on your life.

Island Reverie is the go-to candle to burn if you need an island escape.

At Noire Essentials, we subscribe to the belief that life’s most memorable moments can be enjoyed and celebrated by tapping into our sense of smell and allowing those tiny receptors in our brain to take us on a journey of olfactory bliss. We encourage you to indulge your senses and bring an air of wellness into your home with refined fragrances. 

Lighten up and live well!

Noire Essentials